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Wholesalers, Restaurant, and Business Insurance in Philadelphia, PA

Personalized Insurance Solutions for Philadelphia Residents and Businesses

Personalization can go a long way with insurance protection. Whether you’re seeking coverage for a new business or an established enterprise, sifting through an excess of options can be daunting. At The DeFinis Agency, we work one-on-one with each client we serve, guiding them on the path toward personalized service.

Our staff is comprised of longtime residents of Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania communities. This personal experience is accessed when agents identify risks and strive to reduce the impact of loss through insurance coverage.

Insurance Policies Built for Philly

We take a hands-on approach to determining clients’ specific insurance needs. Taking this time early in our process confirms an accurate, cost-effective policy is pursued.

Along with clients, we partner with Nationwide Insurance, as well as a selection of established carriers, including Progressive, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual and Travelers Insurance. For our clients, this transforms into a direct relationship with a local agent, alongside a reliable insurance product.

Our wide-range of insurance services drives results for Philadelphia businesses. Through our business insurance program, agents tailor coverage for business owners serving a variety of industries. From wholesalers to repair shop owners, we can fit coverage to your business requirements.

Aside from business insurance, our agents own expertise in life insurance and retirement planning. We’re licensed in all lines of insurance, including homeowners and auto insurance coverage.

For a deeper overview of the insurance protection we offer, contact an agent at your convenience.

Experienced Agents Driving Home Protection

The purchasing process is just the first step in our commitment to personalization. Quality client service extends after the policy is in place, and continues throughout the policy’s lifecycle. We conduct On Your Side Reviews for every client, which entails proactive communication at least one to two times per year to review their insurance portfolio.

Being local not only gives us an advantage when writing policies, but also remaining responsive to client needs. Clients have access to our service center, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Aside from our commitment to insurance, we’re also committed to the community. As an agency, we support local charities like the Northern Home for Children and IHM Church. We’re even involved with the Ridge Runners Car Show, Roxtoberfest, and Roxborough Solstice Music Festival.

If you’re interested in partnering with us and investing in a personalized insurance packages, feel free to request a quote.

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Joe has handled our Business insurance for two years now, he worked hard to prove to us his level of integrity and professionalism ( we were with our previous carrier 17 years). Joe now also has our personal lines as well do to the level of service he provides.

I just wanted to praise the work that your agent, Christopher Fox, has done for me. He is a very knowledgeable and helpful young man. I would recommend he get employee of the month, perhaps the year for his outstanding and extraordinary catering to my unique situation. He provided clear, layman terms so that I could comprehend, and guided me through the whole process. Superb individual!!! Your company could use more of him!!!!